I took an apple, and made juice.
mmm. applejuice. urban.
by joshua14,000,000 December 3, 2007
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slang term for beer used at RWU
"Dude I need some more applejuice in my helmet"
by Lindsay June 14, 2004
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On an Apple computer the 'Ctrl' button is the 'Apple' button. The command for 'print' is 'Apple P'. When you print something off the computer, you make it real and tangible, just like rotten apples are turned into apple juice. Thus, 'Applejuice' is slang for printing a page off of the computer. It is also used as slang for creating something or making something happen.
"Applejuice those documents I sent you, okay?"

"I need to applejuice something for my mom for Christmas."

"You gotta applejuice something in your life!"
by shadowyxgold December 28, 2007
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The power source used to maintain and bring to life Apple products.
"As the Advertising Gurus collaborated around the conference room pool table, they minimized the need for multiple power cords for their Apple iBooks by having one power cord plugged into the wall and sharing the "AppleJuice" by passing the cord from one laptop to another as needed upon polite requests from Advertising Guru to Advertising Guru, "Please pass the AppleJuice."
by Chief Brand Builder January 6, 2012
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The charger used specifically for an Apple device
“Yo Silverstein! I need some applejuice.”

Flynn, you know I don’t have an Apple. When is the last time you charged your charged your phone?”

“Dude, you’re so lame why do you have an android?”

“Because I don’t understand how you only use one button.”

“Forget it I’ll ask someone else for some Applejuice. Should we tweet that?!”
by Brothaontheinside August 25, 2018
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applejuice cocktailwhen a male ejaculates in a cup, urinates in it, mixes it up and pours it on to a female
aye yo bitch u like that applejuice cocktail in ur face bitch
by JBLOCK, DPRICE February 3, 2009
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