An exclaimation.
Slang for overwhelmingly good.
Used frequently to descibe tastes of food
Damn thats real good!
Nigga thats some juice!
by dualcorex January 7, 2011
- In replacement of the word Beer/Alcohol.

- When alcohol is mixed with soda/fruity drinks, to drink secretly
Nick: Yooo, John. You just arrived let me get you a bottle of juice!
John: Let’s get messed up tonight with all this juice!
by TiXz December 12, 2018
When you are irresistible to the opposite sex. In some cases, if you have extra juice you are irresistible to both.
Candace: "Ugh another guy at work wants to take me out, idk why. I don't even acknowledge them."
Nicole: "You got the juice ma"
by NThot March 26, 2014
Meaning that something or a certain situation is to one's liking. Same as the saying "cool"
Say man, i got some hoes comin over later for us!

O, okay. Juice!!
by Daddy D DOUGH March 8, 2009