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When a white girl dates her first black man. He’s usually been white washed. Not a brotha brotha.
Kinga: He’s hot!

Flynn: Yeah, he cool but he’s a starter brotha. You need a brotha brotha.

Kinga: Well with all your talk about a brotha experience, I’m down.
by Brothaontheinside November 1, 2019
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Flynn: How was the date?

Kinga: Great!

Flynn: Did you say hi to his unit?

Kinga: No. I was a lady.

Flynn: Good girl.
by Brothaontheinside November 29, 2020
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Down To Laugh
I can say with certainty that I am pretty much DTL 24/7!
by Brothaontheinside November 12, 2019
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Spence: Please call me at 6:30PM

Carter: LAT?
Spence: What’s LAT
Carter: LA Time, duh?
by Brothaontheinside June 24, 2020
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Did you catch DJ’s weet last night? It was legit retarded.
by Brothaontheinside October 4, 2018
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The charger used specifically for an Apple device
“Yo Silverstein! I need some applejuice.”

Flynn, you know I don’t have an Apple. When is the last time you charged your charged your phone?”

“Dude, you’re so lame why do you have an android?”

“Because I don’t understand how you only use one button.”

“Forget it I’ll ask someone else for some Applejuice. Should we tweet that?!”
by Brothaontheinside August 26, 2018
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