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Rap produced by a sexin texan and a...vermonter's daughter (for lack of a better rhyme). The Vermonter is not a cow by any means, she does however partake in cow-tipping.
Hey hey hey! You hear that new rap song by texmont?It's so ill!
by Lindsay November 1, 2003
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a hot guy is a guy who has a sweet personality a nice smile and dosent cheat and also dose extreme sports
by Lindsay June 20, 2004
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cheap vodka that is known my his full name of the russian "vladimir"
Did you get us a bottle of vladdy?
by Lindsay January 20, 2005
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The most amazing and school in the state of Virginia. Also the largest research institute in Va. and produces 42% of Va's PhD's. VT is the home of the third largest computer in the world and every building is made of "hokie stone," which completes its amazing architecture.
"Virginia Tech: 2004 ACC CHAMPS!!"
by Lindsay December 14, 2004
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Dude, that party was off the hook, it was swawsome!
by Lindsay August 2, 2004
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Based on the extremist animal rights group, one can use PETA as a means of expressing the extreme actions of yourself or someone else.
-So then I slashed that bitch's tires.
-Dude. That was way PETA.
by Lindsay July 19, 2003
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