a word used on island to tell someone dem real stupid and you have to shout it out loud in deh ears, spelled damnass
boi yuh is de biggest damn ass in yuh family.
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A poor vain attempt at joining the words fuck, damn, and jackass together usefull when infuriated to the point of saying made up and giberish words pronounced the same as it looks except said faster
Dude1: Uh...you forgot your books
Dude2: FU-DAMN-ASS!!!!
by The Sexman January 30, 2009
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A wad of toilet paper situated between the left and right butt cheek, just covering the anus. Most commonly used as a moisture block/absorbent on a hot summer day but may also be utilized during times of bowel irregularities. Also provides some relief as an odor absorbent. Left in place, the Ass Damn is an effective remedy against such ailments as dysentery, swamp ass and hershey squirts.

Note: the application of the Ass Damn has been directly linked to an increase in Dingle Berry activity.
A wad of soft 2 ply toilet paper makes the best Ass Damn. However, this may substitued with napkins, paper towels, hankeys, cotton balls or newspaper in times of stress.
by Bootface July 12, 2006
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Used to describe a females ass being totally in shape and round as a peach, when you smack it it jiggles (no surgery needed)
Random:Damn shawty ass fat on my momma bruh
by Extravagant Creature September 24, 2019
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