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A game of the same name to be played by two or more players in a library, funeral, or any other location where it is generally frowned upon to make noise. The game begins with one person saying "Anus," and then the next person says it again, but slightly louder. The game progresses as such with increasingly loud outbursts, and before long the word is being shouted at full blast. A winner is declared by mutual agreement when it is clear the last Anus can't be bested.
"Hey Jason" (said in chemistry class) "care for a friendly game of Anus?"

Sal got booted from the library for playing Anus again.
by gregorator November 16, 2011

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When your finger stinks, but you don't remember or know how it happened. Often the result of absent-mindedly scratching your balls or ass while watching tv or on the phone.
"I tend to get Alzheimer's finger when I watch Iron Chef"
by gregorator November 14, 2011

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The condition of having a dry, shit-encrusted asshole, resulting from being distracted with an iPhone or iPad on the toilet for so long, that the shit around your asshole dries before you wipe it.
"I sent so many texts on the shitter that I got Apple Ass again."

"I should never go onto Facebook when I'm on the can because I always lose track of time and get Apple Ass."
by gregorator November 13, 2011

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