epic chad from gta and yeah hes cool ok what do i say now im just gonna give u the wiki definition: David "Dave" Norton is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a central character and deuteragonist to Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V. Norton is a corrupt FIB agent, working under Steve Haines.
*jumps out of blimp*
DarkViperAU: Davey! How ya doin'?
Davey: 'bout as good as can be expected.
by witnessprotectionforwhat April 17, 2022
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A slightly handsome Jewish boy who enjoys hot sauce and chicken and hates people who practice their golf swings in public.
Person 1: Hey, that guy is a Davey, I think I'm in love with him.
Person 2: Yeah, that's a pretty normal reaction.
by Satchmo Turpentine April 9, 2008
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a "davey" refers to the kind of guy who plays GTA 5 and has a marijuana addiction. daveys are generally liberal but have a deep dark conservative secret, i.e. they think voter fraud might have contributed to the 2020 election but they aren't sure.
Tom: I found an thread on reddit about dead people voting for joe biden
Barbara: did it have any reliable sources?
Tom: no not really so I just hit my fat bong and stopped thinking about it
Barbara: god you're such a fucking davey
by oneveryloudassclap January 4, 2021
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Is that Davey Shark?
by I._.Dont._.Know November 18, 2018
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Extreme stinginess or hoarding
Got a spare cigarette?
Don't be a Davey, that's a full pack..
by Start_tomorrow August 17, 2006
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Nickname for the worlds most awesome gay who lives in the worlds most awesome town of Yeppoon.
"Have a rainbow Davey"
by ILoveYouDavey April 18, 2008
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