A fuckin' white male Canadian psychologist that has harnessed meme magick with his Kermit voice. He utters things that have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.
Jordan Peterson: "Hey, you need to sort yourself out bucko."

SJW: "Oh no sir, and you may refer to me as zey/zer, Bill C-16 has finally passed."

Jordan Peterson: "Clean up your room!"
by Artilectual Thanatos July 26, 2017
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The God of neutral pathology and an honorable nobleman of psychopathic inner cultivation that cures all mental ailments/inflictions of the mind (Especially PTSD. All hail the King.
"Bow thy head ; Lord Jordan Peterson quakes through with thundering footseps."
by DR. SCHIZONIGGA September 10, 2019
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Terrific but very unfunny Canadian intellectual famous for verbally beating the shit out of radical leftist ideologues. Good on him.
Shut up you far-left twat or I'll go Jordan Peterson on your ass.
by C J B November 6, 2019
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Canadian psychologist famous for his opposition to compelled speech, and for urging people to take accountability and action for their life rather than blaming others for their circumstances.
Blue haired teen: “is that Jordan Peterson? He is problematic because he doesn’t say things I like”

Everyone else: “you smell like funyuns, leave the lobsterlord alone”
by Borgar hoarder December 11, 2022
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A gamer rights advocate who got very famous for saying it's the libtards' fault if the gamers don't have girlfriends.
"After reading Jordan Peterson once, Bryan finally cleaned his room, climbed gold on League of Legends, and started to claim that western civilisation peaked with the Spartans."
by Gjord August 15, 2022
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Ok so yeah he does seem to think that only the 3% of people have these personality traits... SO, I made a list!
Hym "Here is a list of Jordan Peterson's Dark Tetrad Traits (with evidence!). Trait 1. Machiavellianism (Manipulation): Jordan likes to speak at a certain level of abstraction to obfuscate his beliefs (Regarding whether or not he believes in God or free will) and manipulate how he is conceptualized. Trait 2. Psychopathy (Parasitism): Has a parasitic relationship with his clients. Regularly using them for his own profit. Also parasitizes ME. Trait 3. Sadism Admits to having sadistic fantasies. Trait 4. Narcissism: Thinks he's "more competent" than everyone and thinks that anyone who even calls his integrity into question is jealous of him. Thinks he's above the rules and refuses to follow them. So... There you have it. Jordan Peterson's Dark Tetrad Traits. He's either part of the 3% or he's wrong."
by Hym Iam May 22, 2023
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