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A fuckin' white male Canadian psychologist that has harnessed meme magick with his Kermit voice. He utters things that have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.
Jordan Peterson: "Hey, you need to sort yourself out bucko."

SJW: "Oh no sir, and you may refer to me as zey/zer, Bill C-16 has finally passed."

Jordan Peterson: "Clean up your room!"
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by Artilectual Thanatos July 26, 2017
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The God of neutral pathology and an honorable nobleman of psychopathic inner cultivation that cures all mental ailments/inflictions of the mind (Especially PTSD. All hail the King.
"Bow thy head ; Lord Jordan Peterson quakes through with thundering footseps."
by DR. SCHIZONIGGA September 10, 2019
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Terrific but very unfunny Canadian intellectual famous for verbally beating the shit out of radical leftist ideologues. Good on him.
Shut up you far-left twat or I'll go Jordan Peterson on your ass.
by C J B November 06, 2019
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