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Tamia is a funny, clumsy , cute but can be mean when she wants to. She can always make fun and is smart and usually brings the light to every situation
Tamia is so amazing!
by Thekidsgetmecauseimcool March 13, 2017
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Tamia is a cute,funny,smart and psycho girl. Tamia love the attention and can make any girl or guy jealous with one quick look. Tamia is a goddess and worrier. Tamia is a caring to her friends.She is loud an is not afraid to fight.
I love Tamia
by Queen of the kingdom March 01, 2017
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Tamias have a strange beauty, they need no make up. Tamias are always changing, first they are geeks, then they are cute. Then they are pretty, and then FINE. Tamias are confusing, but fun. Tamia is that one girl that can be judgmental, fun, loving, annoying, and touchy-feely all at the same time. Tamias get the feels and are easily infatuated by guys.
WHOA! Did you see that? That random dude just held Tamia's hand and she didn't even stop him!

guy 1: Thats TAMIA!? Wow she just makes me wanna dance.
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by Who you reallt are June 06, 2018
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Tamia is pretty not even pretty she is sexy asf she is a bad ass she can really fight she is not the one to be messing with she loves the attention from the guys she likes she makes you laugh a lot when your sad she is a really good person to be around Tamia has HUGE BOOBS BIG BUTT AND BIG THUNDER THIGHS and the most prettiest brown eyes especially when her pretty brown eyes are in the sun when she has a crush just because she doesn’t get that boy then and there she will get him soon she always gets the boys a whole bunch of boys and also girls be lining up at her door to ask her out she loves pizza she’s nice when she wants to be she’s a real baddie In class but she is so pretty at the same time she can work any outfit she can model she is a good singer and actor Tamis have black and brown hair and it’s so pretty they have good sized eyebrows and long eyelashes she is a really good person to be around and she loves to fight she has anger problems she doesn’t like to sound weak she doesn’t like to show people that’s she is crying b she doesn’t like so sound weak she has kissable lips and long eyelashes and the best personality ever all the other girls are not as special as Tamia NOBODY COULD EVER REPLACE TAMIA she is to special to be replaced even if you wanted to replace her you couldn’t all the other girls are nothing like Tamia......she is speacial like gold
guy 1-I can’t until see Tamia oh wait I see her look at those boobs and that butt!!! Wow I need to get to know her more she seems special
by Kaniah December 08, 2018
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Tamia is sweet and funny. She can always make ylu laugh even when your down and sad she would be right there for you! Usually most tamias are very thick nd have brown eyes. Tamia is sweetheart and really love her boyfriend. She would never cheat and be stupid!
by Sksjdjdjfjf June 03, 2018
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Tamia , is very loud & sarcastic . Sometimes her sarcasm goes to far ... Every girl wants to be her , & every guy wants her ! She's very sweet , but can also be a total bitch ! Usually Tamia has nice curves , & is very breath taking . She can steal anyone's heart in a second ! She's also very funny , & witty. She's a great advice giver.
by MarieAteFelan July 27, 2012
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Tamia loves attention and has random outburts.
she like attention espically from guy, but she can make any girl jealous with her confident look and self esteem.
Ex: Tamia xD
by 765thgisrs. June 03, 2009
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