The boring channel you always see your mother watching on Sunday Mornings.
Dammit Mom, HGTV is the most boring on tv, I wanna watch the GOLF channel.
by Jordan Miller April 24, 2005
Home and Garden Television

The TV station that encourages the same conformity, wastefulness, shallow attitudes, irresponsability, mMaterialism, and rootlessness that has been pandemic in the USA for decades. Sister station to TLC and to some extent the Discovery Channel and A&E (it used to be none of these used to suck).

Typified by such awful shows as Designed to Sell, Curb Appeal, House Hunters, and worst of all My Parents House.
All I ever see on that damned HGTV are people sending all the old furnishings/architectural details, and long established plantings to the landfill (but only after destroying them thouroughly).

The people who watch HGTV are mostly a bunch of sheep and probably watch Fox News as well.

by Miskatonic Jack July 2, 2006
The impetuous urge to renovate, sell, or buy a house to fulfill a burning desire of aquiring a dream home.
*Up next a brand new episode of Property Brothers*
Jen: I love this show! I want to redo the kitchen and bathroom! But then we'd have to do the living room and change the wall paint. Ugh! I just want to redo the whole house.

Adam: You just have HGTV Syndrome...Oh wow I would move for a yard like that.
by insertacatchynamehere February 18, 2016
a superficial, hastily done do-it-yourself job with rather poor results
Susan: Have you put your house on the market yet?
Janet: No. We still need to do an HGTV job on the living room to cover up the cracked drywall. Then we'll unload this old mule.
by shallacked September 16, 2012
The boring TV channel you see your mother watching all day everyday.
But mooom I wanted to watch regular show not HGTV.
by GodspeedSA November 15, 2019