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One who hates Jews (anti-semitism) NOT Israel...Otherwise known as a racist bastard.
by duck November 2, 2003
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A minor derogatory term, similar to such words as "idiot" and "putz".
Larry is such a poufter.
by duck April 19, 2004
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he has always desired the odd duck! he finds them attractive and chooses them over beautiful normal sexy human beings such as danielle just a fort!
by duck March 11, 2005
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A very cool girl with a great personality. Paola's are really sweet, funny, nice, and very pretty! They love desserts, and hate mushrooms. They're very good at correcting people, especially guy's named carlo.
Paola is soooooooooooo cool! Paola's the best!
by duck December 1, 2004
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the other examples were pretty confusing, so heres an oldie:

dont think its exactly what they mean though.
Two men on an island. One always lies. One always tells the truth. you meet one of them. they say: "im the liar".
by duck February 8, 2005
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Air built up inside a woman's danger zone, that bursts out when movement occurs. This is prominately found when a man "hits is from the back," or "doggystyle." Then the woman moves to another position.
A quif usually happens while women are thinking of what's going to happen on the next friends, did I turn the oven off, and wondering when this is going to end.
by duck February 8, 2005
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Beat To Shit: having been ruined to the point of being in shitty condition, broken, falling apart, etc.
That 1975 Volvo of yours is realy BTS
by duck February 16, 2004
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