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an over weight wanker who stuff his or hers face with pies and when walks makes the groung shake! which is where the boom bomm comes from.
oh my god! fatty boom boom!
by duck January 23, 2004
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An ass goblin is a mythical creature that emerges from the anus (or ass). Evrey once in a while it emerges, and when it does it lets out a roaring fart which kills a lot of people. The ass goblin was once suspected of killing the dinosaurs.
Scientists suspected an ass goblin killed the dinsaurs
by duck February 4, 2005
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A minor derogatory term, similar to such words as "idiot" and "putz".
Larry is such a poufter.
by duck April 19, 2004
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a small interesting creature who lives at home with his mommy. hates math and loves me! plays guitar and is great. listens to good music...he's good people....daddy grows pot and listens to good music....hates a fat prick...also berry smart and cute to the T favorite foods inclue; popcorn, cheese burgers, and everything else (LOL)
the DIWAN walked to my house to see me:)
by duck May 27, 2004
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the other examples were pretty confusing, so heres an oldie:

dont think its exactly what they mean though.
Two men on an island. One always lies. One always tells the truth. you meet one of them. they say: "im the liar".
by duck February 8, 2005
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usually used in a game to refer to a script kiddy who uses his scripts to gain an unfair advantage over the other players. this word is the slang for the actual scripts used, haxxor referrs to the user.

Examples of these scrips include aimbots, wallhacks, and also speedhacks
by duck December 21, 2004
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