Ancient semitic language. A language spoken by Jesus. Today, a dialect known as Syriac is used by the Syriac-Orthodox Church and many christian inhabitants of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Israel.
Jesus spoke Aramaic.
by Alephbeth December 15, 2004
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An a amazing person who is there for you no matter what. They are humorous and are very laid back. Overall they are wonderful human beings. Your lucky if you have Aramae as your friend. Definitely a person to remember.
Im very sad. Aramae is leaving for vacation and I’m gonna miss her soo much. It’s not gonna be the same without her.
by Person2Me101 November 11, 2017
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Something extremely British. Words or phases stereotypically associated with British culture.
"Their conversation had a British-arama about it"
by Shetlandpony007 April 8, 2017
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The sound that resonate from the spoken words means know thyself.
Arama ika kun sin-o ka means "know who you are"
by Saro saroi August 2, 2008
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A male orgasm that features a huge amount of spooge, bigger than a spooge souffle but smaller than a spooge-cano.
"Me and the boys were jacking it and we all synchronised causing a Spooge-arama, it was crazy bro you should come to the next one"
by spoogelad May 14, 2019
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