The word "Torah" in Hebrew literally means "to throw, direct, or teach." While commonly translated as "Law," that is not entirely accurate and holds a negative connotation. When Jews speak of the Torah it is generally understood that they speak of the books of Moshe (Moses), the first five books of the Bible. There are others that believe all Scripture to be Torah, as it is God's direction for us.
In the Torah we are directed to first love God above all, but also to love our neighbor as ourself.
by FrostedTornFlake October 17, 2005
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Torah is a beautiful girl! She can be mean but she also has a sweet side! You can always count on her! She is super loyal! She has so many bestfriends cause everyone loves her! She is very shy and quiet when you first meet her but when you get to know her she is loud outgoing and fun! She is very stubborn! She can be very tuff but in the inside she is hurting! She doesn’t wanna lose anyone! Sadly she does! But you never wanna lose a Torah!
Boy: she is so beautiful!
Other boy: must be a Torah
by Piece of shii November 11, 2019
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It is something the Jewish people read out of. Part of there religion.
Every week in shul, we read from the torah
by Sierra04 November 29, 2019
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1) A joint wrapped with the finest quality paper
Ah shit you just dropped the torah!
by EGraves August 25, 2006
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she is the most amazing girl ever, she’s absolutely gorgeous, although she may say she is not gorgeous she truly is. Not one soul can say they hate her because she has one of those personalities that everyone loves, she’s academically smart, gorgeous and amazing at netball. she’s normally seen with her best friend and never lets anyone get in her way or mess with her best friend. she’s a smart, courages and gorgeous girl. she’s also and amazing kidney chip, wifey, best friend, netballer, barista bro, skeeter fan girl and pip fangirl and many more
that gorgeous amazing spectacular perfect girl torah
by KIDNEYCHIP June 24, 2019
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Judaism's version of "I swear on the Bible" but instead it's the Jewish sacred texts.
Bruv! Yahweh Torah I didn't kiss that man!! I only had sex with him.
by Big D0$$€R May 23, 2021
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Pronounced: tore-ah whore-ah

A term for anyone who wishes that he/she were Jewish. A hanger-on at predominantly Jewish functions, like the Matzoh Ball events around the holidays; a gentile on J-Date.

Another term for Jewwish.

Dave came up with this, not me.
Dude, I was at the Matzoh Ball and a group of Asians came in.
Really? Were they Jewish?
Nah....they were Torah Whorahs.
by amyshort February 11, 2006
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