A plan instituted by all the branches of the US government. This plan when used effectively can stop a suspected terrorist member from renting books from the public library on how to build bombs, chemical weapons, organize a militia, etc.
Democrats naturally hate this plan since it was created by the Republican party in wake of 9/11. If it was the other way around, Republicans would hate it since the Democrats came up with it.
Rightfully so, this Act should save some lives. Proof you ask for? Nope, how can you prove it's working? Then again, you also can't prove that the Patriot Act isn't working...
"Man Joe, I hate the fucking Patriot Act"
"Ok Al' Jaiera, you're only saying that cause your dad and you tried to build a bomb but the library wouldn't let your towel heads check out the book."
"Oh yeah, now I see how George W. Bush and The Patriot Act are saving lives Joe"
"You're such a terrorist Al' Jaiera, and a sand nigger to boot!"
"I know...."
by Biff Justice November 10, 2005
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