Awesome metal band. Even if you don't know who they are you probably know of Scott Ian, the band's lead guitarist and backup vocalist -- he is usually a commentator on VH1 programs.

Synonyms: Metallica, Motorhead, Pantera

Antonyms: Linkin Park, Godsmack, Staind
Anthrax just finished up a tour back in February.
by wutufx July 27, 2004
Often wrongly touted as a weapons of mass destruction, anthrax is in fact used as a 'weapon of mass death', as it causes very little destruction, and lots of death.
"Anthrax killed several thousand people today, but caused little destruction."
by testic November 12, 2003
A castle outside Camelot inhabited by eight score young blondes and brunettes, all between sixteen and nineteen-and-a-half.
Zoot: Welcome, good Sir Knight, to the Castle Anthrax.
Galahad: The Castle Anthrax?
Zoot: Yes. Oh, it's not a very good name, is it? Oh, but we are nice and we will attend to your every, every need!
by WiteoutKing June 1, 2005
1. An 80s heavy/thrash metal band. Part of the Big 4 of Thrash, consisting of them, Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer. Did some stuff with Public Enemy that many people liked, but i personally hated. Overall, Antrhax is a great thrash metal band that gives you a Fistful of Metal! (Anthrax fans should get that)

2. A white powder, deadly when inhaled. Often used by terrorists in envelopes so, when opened, the opener would be doomed.
1. Anthrax's song Madhouse is one of my favorite songs.

2. Oh, mails here! Let's see here...goddamit...
by Psylosis_Bassist September 24, 2007
the best heavy metal band to ever play
i went to an anthrax concert
by JOHNSON September 14, 2003
the dust on the wings of a moth, evil spores of death, when written on an envelope:a good way to get the FBI to visit you.
me:look, a moth.
by opie353 December 24, 2008
1. a deadly biohazard that killes by destroying the lungs
2. a favorite toy of the Taliban
3. what hitmen use to get their money
4. in postal 2 what you put in a decapitated cow head
1. He was killed by anthrax
2. The taliban is at its anthrax-bombing again!
3. She was evidently killed by anthrax. Must have been a hitman.
4. Put in the anthrax and kick it off for a nice surprise!
by PlayDohMan May 5, 2004