zoot is another word for marihuana cannabis, a spliff weed or a joint
i need a lighter 2 bun my zoot
by x_angeleyes_x July 06, 2003
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A cannabis cigarette.
From "Zoot Suit", a type of suit popular early last century, generally white, with wide shoulders and tapered trousers, which of course looks a little like a coned spliff.
"Come cotch over here and bun this zoot with me"
by thees March 21, 2004
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(v.) used to describe the moment when you realize you are extremely high or zooted. May happen after taking a major bong rip, or a badass hit from a well rolled blunt.
smoker 1: *takes a huge bong rip, coughs while passing the bong*
smoker 2: you alright? that was a huge rip
smoker 1: *stares blankly for a few seconds* yeah i just zooted.. im high as fuck
smoker 2: you better be we just smoked an 8th between us
smoker 1: fuuuuckk
by afwreck May 03, 2011
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