one of the most amazing metal bands ever, started in the early 80's, and one of the only one's that have stayed true to metal, each one of their albums have its own distinct sound that still manages to be diverse

the original lineup had joey belladonna as the lead singer but in the early 90's belladonna was replaced with john bush, producing some of the best anthrax albums to date, namely We've Come For You All which had Dimebag playing lead on two of the songs, one of the best and most underrated albums to come out in the past five years

john bush was recently replaced for joey belladonna as the lead singer and anthrax is doing a "reunion" tour although i hope that john bush soon rejoins the band again as the music produced during the john bush era was superior to and more mature than earlier anthrax albums
I hope Anthrax comes to their senses soon and gets rid of Belladonna for Bush.
by ash January 8, 2006
A type of disease created from the DNA from the RC that has 2 possible cures, the first cure involves your computer and a bottle of water. Safely place the computer on your lap, take out the battery, and put it on your chest. Now get out the water bottle and safely rub the water on your whole body. Now grab the battery go near an outlet then safely put a fork inside the socket. After you should now feel a tingly sensational going through your body and shouldn't be able to breathe.

The second cure involves you just killing yourself with rope.
hey did you here billy thurnis anthraxed out at his mom's basement?
John: No did he
nequan: Yeah
John: i hope hes ok
(ashley walks in)
Ashley: hey guys whats up
John: Thurnis anthraxed out last night
Ashley: omg is he ok?
John: Yeah i ho...(Charlie walks in)
Charlie: Hey ashley wanna anthrax?
John: Thurnis just died by anthrax last night
Ashley: Yeah dont say that
Nequan: Bro my friend Kevontee was selling anthrax pills 2 weeks ago
John: Tell him to throw them away
Nequan: Yeah ill call him
(Phone Rings)
(Brrr) (Brr)
Nequan: Hello
Phone: Sorry this wekclan
Neuquan: Oh sorry Wekclan
Phone: Its ok
Ashley: Did you call him?
John: Yeah did you?
Nequan: Nah his cousin wekclan answered.
by My Anthrax Story August 5, 2017
"Yay anthrax!"
by Tommy Vercetti February 5, 2005
A white powder, similar in appearance to cocaine, which kills by destroying the lungs of the victim when inhaled. The victim's health instantly deteriorates seconds after breathing it in.

A weapon once commonly used by arab and muslim terrorists, but now it is rare to hear of an anthrax attack.
"Hey that guy just dropped his <cough> bag, and there's white, <cough> stuff...coming <cough> out <cough> <cough> of..."
by Mr Munchkins July 17, 2005
The least known of the "Big Four" thrash metal bands. Scott Ian is the most known out of this group. You may have heard of the songs Indians or Madhouse.
Dude Anthrax is awesome!
by anthraxfan101 July 24, 2010
1) A white powder in 2001 that actually made the postal system slower than normal.

2) Anthrax (US band), an American thrash metal band.

3) Anthrax (UK band), a British anarcho-punk band.
Has my post arrived yet?

No I haven't had any since the Anthrax attacks.
by monkeynutstk February 5, 2009