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Indluding the word 'Bell' in Italian , 'Bella' means beautiful. A pretty woman who knows how to work it.
Annabell you look nice in that outfit.
by ur moms mom June 20, 2006
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She's basically a sexy goddess, she tries to make people laugh and laughs if you are making fun of her. She's bootyfull and all the boys in her previous school wanted her. She's brave and beautiful in her own unique way.
"I love Annabell's, I wish my girl was an Annabell"
by Babygirl_xo February 12, 2018
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She's quirky (but not in the "hehe I like pizza I'm so different quirky) silly, and probly has ADHD. She's ether super talkative or completely silent, and loves food. She want to hurt anyone who abuses animals . She's a bit satanic and gothic, but still is freindly. She's extremely talented at art and wants to get a carrer that's related to it. She's also super lesbian, and be kind perverted at times
She also may have made this because one of her name definitions called her fugly and a two faced bitch
Annabell: I AM GOD
Her freinds: ok
by Woof :3 September 16, 2019
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Annabell is a sweet, caring, friendly, pretty, and funny girl. Annabell is very friendly and will make you smile. Annabell is thoughtful and will give you candy behind your moms back when your mom is being strict. Annabell is great at running and shes really fast. Annabell is understanding and will listen to you as you rant about Taylor Swift. Overall Annabell is a great person and you’re lucky to know her.
Hey look its Annabell! :)
by I like avocados November 16, 2019
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the kind of person who sits in a corner and cries to themselves. they may be pretty but do not embrace it and instead dress like someone from the ancient times. she can be evil and manipulative but all around big (fat). do not mess with her though or you'll have your legs wrapped round your neck. she hates large crowds and avoids many people. She can be very two faced and is a desperate phsycopath.
Annabell belongs in a mental institution.
OMG that girl is such an annabell- fugly.
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by beckstar123456 June 29, 2017
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