A beautiful girl who does not know her own beauty, she is kind, intelligent, funny and amazing at nearly any sport! If you have met an Annabel you are a lucky person
“Who’s that?”
Oh that’s Annabel, she’s amazing
by Cinnamonbun April 16, 2018
Where do you even begin? Annabel is a light in every situation and always sees the best in people. She is beautiful, inside and out, and is not afraid to speak her mind. She has many friends, and brightens the room with her smile. Most girls are jealous of Annabel because of her ability to wow any guy and live life to the fullest. She is daring and sometimes gets in trouble, but she doesn't worry because she lets her curiosity get the best of her. If you know an Annabel, hold on to her, she is a girl worth knowing.
Girl: Oh look, here comes Annabel!

Boy: Woah.

Girl: Oh, she's got you hooked now to??!

Boy: How could I not love her- she's Annabel!
by reywdgirl March 20, 2016
she is a girl who is very athletic and has a great personality. she makes everyone laugh and might get into trouble once in a while. she is definitely HOT and every guy wants her. she is also very trustworthy and is a great friend; she is a great person to talk to and knows exactly what to say. she will hug u when you're down but always laugh with you. everyone should have an annabel in their lives.
guy 1 : wow that girl looks perfect for me!

guy 2 : definitely! she is such an annabel!!!!
by dravrah246 January 16, 2017
A really fit girl, she is really funny and has a very posh voice , a great laugh to be with. you wont find a nicer person. you would be lucky to have a friend like her!!
by cool kid 245678 October 3, 2012
She is someone who doesn't think she's as good, pretty, talented or confident as she really is. She can be really shy and doesn't talk to people she doesn't know. Annabel is a lovely person to her friends and always tries to sort things out between them. She is a good laugh. If you where in a relationship with Annabel, she will try to make you happy. She has dark brown hair and eyes. She would want a boyfriend 3 years older and 3-6 inches taller.
Annabel: Are you ok?
Friend: Yeah just had a tuff day.
Annabel: Well I'm here if you need to talk.
by an opinion January 15, 2019
A sparkling kind of girl, a bookworm her self, brilliant at any subject, hilarious and short, a unique type of women. An astonishing actress and a pulchritudinous person, can't complain about an adorable girl like her.
Guy 1: That girl is Amazing.

Guy 2: yeah i..

Annabel: I KNOW!!
by miguelito_214 October 4, 2013
Annabel is a fit, sexy girl who can steal any man and amaze him with her hotness. She comes across as cute and very fit but really she’s a hot model. She can be a bitch at times and is very fisty but that’s what makes her an Annabel, she has an amazing body and all the boys watch her as she walks by. She is a princess but a freak when it comes to the bedroom ;) any guy would be lucky to have an Annabel and if u do watch out no one steals her!
Guy: woah did u see that girl walk by she has a banging body!

Other guy: yeah she’s a real freak in bed 😍
Girl: she’s a bitch to girls I don’t like her .
Guy: whatttt? Annabel? She’s a real cutie
by Abdsfgbd May 18, 2018