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Where do you even begin? Annabel is a light in every situation and always sees the best in people. She is beautiful, inside and out, and is not afraid to speak her mind. She has many friends, and brightens the room with her smile. Most girls are jealous of Annabel because of her ability to wow any guy and live life to the fullest. She is daring and sometimes gets in trouble, but she doesn't worry because she lets her curiosity get the best of her. If you know an Annabel, hold on to her, she is a girl worth knowing.
Girl: Oh look, here comes Annabel!

Boy: Woah.

Girl: Oh, she's got you hooked now to??!

Boy: How could I not love her- she's Annabel!
by reywdgirl July 17, 2016
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she is a girl who is very athletic and has a great personality. she makes everyone laugh and might get into trouble once in a while. she is definitely HOT and every guy wants her. she is also very trustworthy and is a great friend; she is a great person to talk to and knows exactly what to say. she will hug u when you're down but always laugh with you. everyone should have an annabel in their lives.
guy 1 : wow that girl looks perfect for me!

guy 2 : definitely! she is such an annabel!!!!
by dravrah246 January 16, 2017
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A really fit girl, she is really funny and has a very posh voice , a great laugh to be with. you wont find a nicer person. you would be lucky to have a friend like her!!
by cool kid 245678 October 03, 2012
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A sparkling kind of girl, a bookworm her self, brilliant at any subject, hilarious and short, a unique type of women. An astonishing actress and a pulchritudinous person, can't complain about an adorable girl like her.
Guy 1: That girl is Amazing.

Guy 2: yeah i..

Annabel: I KNOW!!
by miguelito_214 October 03, 2013
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deriving from belle meaning beautiful in french

"she is like an annabel"
by lightup October 26, 2006
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A sexy, modest, adorable, smart, independent, eccentric, totally random girl who has great talent and taste in the arts and has a strange fashion sense.
Guy 1: "Who was that girl playing the piano, the one with the top hat?"
Guy 2: "She looks like an annabel."
by MellowCow February 24, 2010
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Amazing in all ways. The perfect girl. So beautiful in all ways. Although can be fisty, still gotta love the shit outta her. shes so cute. shes so beautiful. And can never be replaced.
by napsdfh923r July 25, 2011
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