i just can’t put how utterly amazing annabelle is into words. like their name, they are unique but hold a sense of familiarity in your heart. they are beautiful and not ashamed of who they are. their soul and their mind are vast areas that are made up of many difference characteristics making them never a boring person to be around. both wildly intelligent in every way imaginable, and creative in an obvious way. annabelle’s can do anything they put their mind to. they give you the feeling of a warm rustic cabin, in that they are warm and comforting and you could see yourself with them forever. they have their opinions but keep it to themselves mostly in an effort to respect others. they are everything that makes up an amazing and insightful person. snag yourself a cutie annabelle :)
yo bro why is that girl like a warm sweater

cause she’s an annabelle my guy
by yosothatsathing April 21, 2019
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the most amazing beautiful person you will ever meet. she will always be there in times you need it most. if you have found her you will know. she is the first thing you will want to see when you're alone. if you ever meet a Annabelle treat her how she wants to she will always love you. so love her back or else
by the only one of us February 3, 2020
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a cute doll children love to play with. it is defenetely not posessed by any demons and it defenetely isnt creeping kids out.
my child wants an annabelle doll because she is so cute
annabelle is the most unterrifying doll in the world!
you should buy annabelle because it is keeping demons away
by Masq_ June 13, 2020
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annabelle is someone who lives in a cottage has curly hair and likes jack wills

she also a cunty cunt cunt
likes the song i get knocked down but i get up again
sounds like a duck
likes pissing the night away with her next door neighbour

oh danny boy
likes dogs especially pugs
waa annabelle
by lobster0099877767 May 29, 2011
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highly annoying and usually uggo. has bad hair mostly.
by poopyweehead May 24, 2018
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A beautiful girl who does not know her own beauty, she is kind, intelligent, funny and amazing at nearly any sport! If you have met an Annabel you are a lucky person
“Who’s that?”
Oh that’s Annabel, she’s amazing
by Cinnamonbun April 16, 2018
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