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I can love the darkest parts of anyone because i know what is inside of me. I can forgive and forget because i know what it's like to feel a certain way in a moment i know what it's like to be compulsive. I know what its like to want to have control over my own life because of being emotionally unbalanced. I know how it feels to lash out in angry and destroy someone. If anyone can love you for the monster you think you are its me.
by mennäperille December 18, 2019
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He's hot, fun and cools the life of the party.he is always sweet likes to cuddles knows how to make the ladies smile.he is very intelligent his gaming skills are over the top unstoppable. He gets all the ladies with his talent to manipulate the situation in his benefit .he will be there when you down and need the company never lets you down. He's down to earth a bit crazy but how else you going to have a good time. he will spoil the ladies with flowers, cooking and his time.
Theodore is so special to me A great teacher with many hidden talents.
by mennäperille December 18, 2019
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Forget what I agreed to do who was I kidding dam .
Take backs I want
by mennäperille December 10, 2019
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Don't be hurt we haven't touched each other in socially and mentally retarded with a huge nose and no eyebrows .
That's me
by mennäperille December 10, 2019
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She is one of the best lady's you could meet she's fun confident and strong.she loves to read and is very creative. She is breathtaking with a captivating mind.she will be the best of friends always has your back , fun and wearing.
Emma hart is one of the best lady's you could meet.
by mennäperille December 7, 2019
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"Baby Shark" is a children's song about a family of sharks. Popular as a campfire song, it has taken off since 2016, spreading through social media, online video, and radio.
Should I sing baby shark?
by mennäperille December 5, 2019
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He is always there for you when you feel like you can't handle it. He will put a blanket on the grass and comfort you kiss your neck with love and treat you like a lady. He will also grab you around the waist making your heart pump fast feel all warm. He likes to start being cute but you have to tell him to stop before your heart explodes. He is kind,intelligent and captivating with his complements he always wants to know how you doing. He loves crazy women because they spice up his life in the best way. He also loves taking cute pictures of things because he enjoys the warm feeling inside when looks back at them. He is a great kisser with lots of patience a real gentleman.
Abimbolan is very close to my heart💞
by mennäperille December 19, 2019
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