These people hold anger inside from present or past situations. They may snap at any time and for the most part are angry within themselves. They just won't let it go.
Guy 1: Hey man the next time I see Tommy I'm gonna tell him off or I may even get into a fight with him. Guy 2: You sound like one of those angry people. You need to let that shit go. We only live once and he's not holding in any anger. Guy 1: Yep your right. Thanks bro.
by jimmybomm July 31, 2020
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People exploding in love with financial problems who throw bottles at god and make evil babies with guns but they're completely normal
We're angry people, exploding in love. We're completely normal, throwing bottles at god. "You did this to us, why did you do this to us." We're angry people, with financial problems. Making evil babies, evil babies with guns. It's completely normal, everything's completely normal.
by Whythisword February 20, 2022
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When a white man cuts in front of a black dude at popeyes and then they are out of purple cool aid and watermelon
When you go home after picking up food at popeyes and tell your buds you made an angry black people and they ask where the koolaid is. I cut a black man in line and took the last of the koolaid and watermelon
by Reece bedell March 28, 2019
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