Rough and extremely gratifying sex had after an argument.
That bitch was yelling at me all day, but she was screaming my name during makeup sex.
by DeezNutz April 9, 2003
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What you call the story your friends tell when they want you to think they got laid.
He had makeup sex. He didn't get none, so he made it up!!
by SWZ September 25, 2003
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The art of gratifying oneself with make up items.

a) tickling the punani with a blush brush
b) penetrating the punani with a lipstick capsule
c) pinching the nipples with a eyelash curler

You get my drift..!
"My ex had an odd makeup sex fetish"
by D. Ferrel September 24, 2003
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Makeup Sex - When, in Halo 2 or other first person shooters, you kill a member of the opposite team who just killed a member of your team. Yelled promptly after doing so into the mic to announce said act.
Player One: "I need some help here!"
Player Two: "MAKEUP SEX! I waxed his ass for ya!"
by Failure Mouse March 4, 2006
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the best way to take your anger out on your significant other.
I believe this definition defines it self. Dont beat the crap out of your boy/girl friend, after the fighting just get em back during sex.
by I dont care how they do it February 24, 2005
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Lucy and Dre know they both did something that clearly wasn't beneficial, though not too harmful for them, so they decided to have makeup sex.
by PhoenixGamer34 March 2, 2022
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Pushing someone down on the bed, and doing their makeup lying on top of them. Used as foreplay, especially when you kiss their lips applying lipstick.
I got a new eyeshadow, can’t wait for some makeup sex when my gf visits tomorrow!
by SaevonKyo October 9, 2021
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