A metal band with strong political view points identifying with fellow downtrodden, often speaking out for civil rights,particularily within the gay community.
Carotid is a Nashville-based glam metal band.
by Wyll August 2, 2006
The main artery from the heart.
The doctor patched up the carotid.
by bdpenguin November 1, 2005
Carotid is a Goth/Industrial/Metal/Shred band based out of Nashville, TN. Carotid is a prime example that a band does not have to abide by the genre rules, this band spans them all. All of the members of carotid are suspected werewolves.It is rumored that before each show, the band performs lycanthropic rituals.
Carotid is the best band on earth.
by 0zoid0 November 14, 2007
The common carotid artery is a blood vessel. There is a left and right common carotid artery. The left common carotid branches directly off of the aortic arch, and the right common carotid branches off of the right innominate (brachiocephalic) artery. The common carotid artery later bifurcates into the internal and external carotid arteries. The external carotid supplying blood to the face, and the internal carotid supplying blood to the brain.
The man died from a stroke due to an occlusion of the carotid artery.
by Mitchell (EPITOME. ELITE) April 25, 2006