you are doing your teacher, and your cellphone rings and she gives you a referral
i was fucking my teacher but my gf called and she pulled a angry baltau, so i got pissed and i jizzed in her eye. now shes blind.
by Bamfs that Dgaf March 9, 2008
When a woman handcuffs a mans hands behind his back and jerks him off until he’s about to cum then reach down and take his wallet and he will chase after you like a angry penguin.
*Sarah handcuffed ricks hands*
*sarah jerked rick off until he almost came and took ricks wallet*
“Hey come back here with my wallet” rick screams as he is chasing after Sarah like an angry penguin
by Dabbbs November 16, 2017
When you jab your big toe into your girls butt hole, as hard as you can repetitively, until she poop on your foot and you jab your toe into her face, because you got angry, which is why its the angry toe.
Yo, I just give my girlfriend the angry toe and put her into a coma.
by pokemondiamondandpearl January 3, 2016
While receiving oral sex, thrust your penis down your partner's esophagus when you reach the point of ejaculation. Your partner will try to scream at you for surprising/gagging them. And with your penis ejaculating in their esophagus, it will sound like a growling noise that will resemble Chewbacca from Star Wars.
I gave my girlfriend the Angry Chewbacca when I was drunk two weeks ago. Now we don't have sex anymore.
by Ronnie the Mack April 19, 2009
Like mad skillz, but infinitely more awesome.
Mr. T has angry talents at pitying the fool.
by Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins August 5, 2007
A person who is angry when they have consumed too much alcohol.They want to fight someone for any reason, excessive cursing and violent.
girl: "whats that guys problem, why did he try to fight you?"
guy: " Hes had too much to drink, i guess he's an angry drunk."
by Enano2689 November 3, 2013
When a man has a trail of hair leading down his lower back to his butt.
Dude, will you help me shave my angry trail?
by claptrap414 April 30, 2011