Known as the alter ego for the Hulk. It is also known as someone who has a green vein on their penis. Not many people are sure as to why the green vein is there, but it could only be known as radioactive.
Doctor, you may want to come look at this. This guy has a Bruce Banner, and his name is DJShockJock.
by Djshockjock April 7, 2019
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A devilishly attractive and brilliant scientist with boiling green anger issues. Proudest wearer of The Purple Shirt of Sex, and shy lover of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.

Expert in Gama Radiation,

fearful of The Hulk.

Do you ship Science Bros? Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are totally my OTP.
by HulkShipper19 May 29, 2012
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A mixed drink consisted of 2 shots of the hulk (2 parts hennessy to 3 parts hypnotiq) mixed with a can of mountain dew.
"Hulks at night, Bruce Banners in the day,
Keeps us tipsy like we from A.A."
by BrownMagic July 11, 2008
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Bruce Banner are a Swedish thrashcore/power violence band. They have two vocalists: One screamer and one growler.
Bruce Banner do a sick cover of Demon by Septic Death.
by crustfan April 9, 2007
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Originating in the Boston area also known as Bruce Banna. Any brand of Beer.
Pick up some Bruce Banners on your way over. Local Example: Pick up some Bruce Bannas on your way ova.
by Dustin Gariepy November 16, 2005
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A drink also known as the incredible hulk.

One part hypnotiq
One part Hennessy

First used by rapper messy marv from san francisco.
what it do! I'm `bout to get hyphy off this bruce banner ya' feel me?
by aempirei December 21, 2004
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When in the middle of the act of sexual intercourse when one becomes angry for unknown reasons, "Hulk Smash!!!" is said, Or during climax.

Is also used to refer to loud grunting noises emitted from male pornstars during a taping.
"He gave her The Bruce Banner so loud we could hear it from down the hall."

"uuhn! UH! Hulk Smash!!!"
by Dr. Lickenbush October 5, 2005
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