The state of being trapped in form.

The instance of causing an event by attempting to thwart it.
by zanderfin November 5, 2019
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From Middle Greek anachronismo, the word Anachronism refers to an event, person, object or custom that is chronologically out of place. It can also be an error in chronology, in which a person, object, event, etc., is assigned a date or period other than the correct one.
Popularized by the Dresden Dolls’ song Girl Anachronism, you probably didn’t know the existence of the word until you heard that song, bitch.
by jester. August 26, 2006
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An object or event that is seemingly out of place in time.
The watch on Charleton Heston's wrist in "The Ten Commandments" seemed an anachronism when it was mistakenly visible in the actual movie.
by MX December 17, 2003
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A song by the punk cabaret band, the Dresden Dolls.

Also: A Gaia Online member, commonly called "GA".
I was listening to "Girl Anachronism" in the car the other day.


I had hot, wild sex with Girl Anachronism yesterday!
by Lucky Doll January 26, 2005
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The opposite of an anachronism. Something discontinued in the past that shouldn't be available in the present.
Honestly, seeing this antique chair from 400 years ago makes it feel like some reverse anachronism.
by JMReader October 21, 2021
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