60 definitions by dana

When you get so hammered that your left eye must look a completely different way then your right eye to focus.
"She's brining out the Jeby Eyes"
Look, she’s got Jeby eyes!
by dana March 8, 2005
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1. the sluttiest of all your roommates

2. an internet connection
Lori Lou is Dana's, Juliette's, and Leslie's slutface roommate.
by dana October 11, 2004
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*GMA* meaning "grab my ass"
SYD! *GMA* *coughgrabmyasscough*
by dana October 5, 2003
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the collection of goopy stuff on the movie theater floor
"I stepped in some cinemuck and now my feet make sticky noises when I walk"
by dana September 5, 2002
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Someone who becomes devoted to something too easily or gives their heart away quickly. They might be easily upset by things going on around them.
Be good to her; she wears her heart on her sleeve.
by dana October 4, 2003
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