The Dresden Dolls consists of Amanda and Brian singing the best brechtian punk cabaret band ever. Brian met Amanda while Amanda was performing solo with her piano.
"During one point in the evening, she sat down to play her songs on the piano. What came out of her when she started though.....when I saw how she was grimacing and POUNDING on the piano keys, when I listened to how the lyrics and the erie melodies she was evoking from the piano came flowing out onto everyone listening with these floods of emotion and angst, I thought, 'Ohhh yeahhh, I have GOT to play music with this freak...' It was such a tremendous feeling. I knew I had found some kind of kindred spirit. I feel an amazing connection with Amanda. I feel totally solid with her, on stage and as a friend. We trust and respect each other a great deal. It's a very interesting thing, playing off only one other person. The amount of concentration it allows you to play off what they're doing musically can allow for very intimate and dynamic interplay. I feel very fortunate to be in a situation with this person where I'm allowed to play as expressively as I can and the styles can shift between jazzy "saloon" type numbers, or bombastic, high energy songs, or more interpretive pieces that I can play with mallets. It's always a real challenge and a great way to let your imagination go..." - Brian Viglione
half accidental
half pain full instrumental
i have a lot to think about
you think they're joking?
you have to go provoke him...
i guess it's high time you found out

it's half biology and half corrective surgery gone wrong
you'll notice something funny if you hang around here for too
long ago in some black hole before they had these pills to take it back
i'm half jill
and half jack
by yellen October 12, 2004
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A Boston-based rock band, comprised of Amanda Palmer (vocals, piano), and Brian Viglione (drums, occasional guitar). Pioneers in the obscure and minute rock sub-genre of Punk Cabaret. Their visual style is almost exclusively black and white. Biggest hits are 'Coin-Operated Boy' and 'Girl Anachronism.'

Thier first, eponymous album was released in 2004. The band itself formed in mid 2000. Their album 'Yes, Virginia' is due for realease April 2006. In between these times have been numerous singles, covers, and concert recordings. After touring with Nine Inch Nails in 2005, they gained somewhat more national recognition.

Related artists are said to be Rasputina and Katzenjammer Kabarett, though the former is more associated with the Goth genre of music.

(They are awesome)
The Dresden Dolls are amazing
by Pitiful Anonymous April 09, 2006
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great band, great songs

not as popular as they should be ; )

missed me, coin operated boy, half jack... those are a few of my favorites

so check them out
by IM ME omgwtfbbqx3 March 08, 2005
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oestrogen-fuelled howls of brechtian punk cabaret. soulful, pounding, transporting. if you own a vagina, you won't be disappointed.
don't call the doctors
cause they've seen it all before,
they'll say:
'just let her crash and burn, she'll learn. the attention just encourages her'
by miu miu November 21, 2004
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Absolutely amazing two-piece Boston band consisting of piano and drums primarily, with occasional guitar. Members are Amanda Palmer (vocals & piano) and Brian Viglione (drums & guitar)
Can't you just do it for me
I'll pay you well
Fuck, I'll pay you anything
If you can end this

Can't you just fix it for me
It's gone berserk
Fuck, I'll pay you anything
If you can make the damn thing work

--The Perfect Fit
by ronan June 13, 2005
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The Dresden Dolls is a punk cabret duo. One of their hit songs is Coin-Operated Boy. They invite their fans to dress-up for their concerts. Amanda and Brian dress-up themselves for the preformances.
Dresden Dolls most recent album was "Yes, Virginia..."
by TinaBean March 08, 2007
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the coolest girl band like ever... not some pop ass shit ur used to they have the best style of music...
by ally September 10, 2004
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