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A name abbreviation used for former child actor, Macaulay Culkin.
1. Wait a minute... You're not a real pizza boy! You're... Ma-Ma-Maculkin!
2. Yeah, I mean, the other three Home Alone movies after Lost In New York didn't feature Maculkin in any of them, probably because he grew out of his Kevin McCallister role.
3. Oh, my god! It's the, Maculkin, from the Home Alone movies!
by JMReader March 20, 2021
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A parents' referring of Saturday morning cartoon blocks. Line taken from the 1995 fantasy film, The Indian In The Cupboard.
"I feel like I haven't seen you in days. Cartoon day tomorrow.", "Well, imma just chill and have a Pepsi tomorrow, it's cartoon day on CBS.", "Cartoon day's on Telemundo tomorrow, will you watch?"
by JMReader September 05, 2021
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A portmanteau of 'appetizer' and 'dessert'; having a dessert food as an appetizer before a meal (i.e. breakfast, brunch, lunch, & dinner)
I'm fine man, just had a little appetissert before dinner, is all.
by JMReader December 25, 2021
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1. Someone relating to or professing the Heaven's Gate cult and it's teachings.
2. A person who is a member of the Heaven's Gate cult.
1. Dan, before my head gets sliced by this woodcutter. I have something to tell you... Michael Vlokozu wasn't a Scientologist... He was a freaking Heaven's Gatist.
2. You know what the worst part is, Logan called Mikey a Heaven's Gatist and Scientologist.
3. Listen here, Ma'am, I am not a freakin' Heaven's Gatist! I am not associated with the group, nor have I ever been in the group!
by JMReader June 13, 2021
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What remains of Hogarth Hughes' name on his BB gun from The Iron Giant.
"Hogarth? What an embarrassing name. Might as well call him Zeppo or something. What kind of a sick person would name a kid Hogar-..."Hog Hug". Hog Hug!? Hogarth Hughes!"
by JMReader September 29, 2021
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When you sneeze and piss at the same time; a portmanteau of sneeze and piss.
by JMReader November 13, 2021
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The opposite of an anachronism. Something discontinued in the past that shouldn't be available in the present.
Honestly, seeing this antique chair from 400 years ago makes it feel like some reverse anachronism.
by JMReader October 20, 2021
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