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Term coined by Carl Jung for the phenomenon of an apparent pattern of coincidental events which, while lacking any causal relationship, bear a meaningful relationship to the observer.

Example: A hot air balloon makes an emergency landing in your yard just as you're imagining what it's like to ride one.
I can't believe there is not a single reasonably correct and straight-forward definition provided for "synchronicity" here.
by Just A. Hunch October 03, 2019
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A magical connection of "coincidental" events that when you point out, makes you more intelligent than everyone else.
I was just thinking of the word synchronicity when I stumbled upon this definition.
by the dip April 30, 2007
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A real life to dream relation. To have a connection or think something has happened before. Very similar to deja vu or to know something in a dream before it actually happens in real life.
Girl 1: I think I have synchronicity!
Girl 2: wait isn't that when you know what is going to happen in real life because it has happened to you in a dream!!!
Girl 1: BINGO ☺
by Avery Sullivan January 14, 2018
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A series of coincidental events that may appear important. If you believe my other definition - then you ARE special. In a retarded sort of way.
"Sie...duh, wauk-uh. Woah, we're walking on a sidewalk!"
"And? And I was just thinking of that word. That's not synchronicity. I think the universe is trying to tell me something..."
"Dude you need to lay off the dissociatives."
by the dip May 16, 2007
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*bong rip* 'So I was thinking about Sarah the other day and my phone rang. Guess who it was man?'


'Sure was. I feel like we got some crazy psychic connection. Such an incredible synchronicity man'

*bong rip*
by Fe4t January 24, 2021
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Paradox as a meta-state. The state of paradox being simultaneously a null value and a self-value with a pursuant corollary that "self" and "null" are oppositive values respectively.
Synchronicity is one of four states of the paradox: paradox-as-a-line (process) , paradox-as-a-point (value), paradox-as-a-curve (phenomenon), and paradox-as-a-state (metastate) with two, paradox-as-a-process and paradox-as-a-state being meta-states.
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by tomorrowtomorrow January 15, 2019
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