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Shoulder-fired, single-shot weapon that fires rounds capable of blasting holes big enough to walk through and/or killing anything within about 30 feet. Found in the game Red Faction.
I was tired of that building so I shot it with a Fusion Launcher
by MX October 22, 2003
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Students Against Destructive decisions (formally known as Students Against Drinking and Driving)
Against many forms of drugs, narcotics, etc. Formed of people who believe what everyone tells them, and will eventually jump off of a cliff because someone told them they were druggies if they didn't.
"The media says drugs are bad, so I decided to join SADD."

"That one commercial with the high guys running over the little kid looked so real."

"I've never done drugs, but I'm against them because I know all about them."
by MX November 1, 2003
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Somebody who attempts to gain an unfair advantage while playing a split-screen video game by looking at their opponents' screen sectors.
While we were playing Halo, my screen-looker friend was able to ambush me because he saw where I was.
by MX January 27, 2004
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STFU n00b i just shoved Sp00ncore! down ur throat.
by MX March 20, 2003
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There's no kid prettier or weirder than Xaeta.
by MX January 26, 2018
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Checkered shirts made out of flannelette, usually worn until old and ragged with jeans or khakis. Worn by working class people like builders, construction workers etc.
by MX October 2, 2003
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A greeting or racist slur, used against BOFH.
Someone: Sup Niglim
BOFH: nm talking to Larney.
Someone: Ok.
by MX December 14, 2004
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