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To redefine the perceived meaning of wealth on earth and brainwash people into pursuing it.
European #1: I would really like some Ranch Dip. It would make me feel rich and classy.
European #2: But Franz, you are a German Lord. How would Ranch Dip make you feel -
European #1: Ein Qviet! I am NOT shplecking to you about zee ranch. It has a taste that makes me feel as though I am fighting Indians in Texas.
European #2: Das Boot! You have become...AMERICANIZED!
European #1: Indeed. For some reason my rich heritage has become meaningless to me and I only desire material wealth such as Blue Jeans and expensive cars.
European #2: Hmmmm. Do you want to move to California?
by Pollup March 02, 2008
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To turn something into total shit.
Cardcaptor Sakura was considered an excellent anime by many, but when Sakura and everyone else was Americanized, several fans committed seppuku, even though they weren't worth it.
by Zackarotto June 22, 2004
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1. To make food unhealthy as possible by loading on excessive amounts of condiments or by cooking it in a deep fryer.

2. To add a large amount of unneeded accessories to something such as a car, house, or any other object or idea that represents the stereotypical American lifestyle.
1. The Chinese food in America tastes much better than the real food that people eat in China. The cheap Chinese restaurants must be Americanizing their food with excessive amounts of trans fats to make it taste better.

2. Customer at a deli- "I'll have the turkey sandwich. I see the option of 'Americanize It!' on the menu. What does that mean?"

Employee- "That means with all of the toppings plus a bucket of grease."

3. Jack blows all of his money Americanizing his car such as buying spinners, spoilers, and a $5,000 sound system. No wonder he's always broke.
by AJHM February 18, 2008
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To take something that was designed in another country or area and redesign or remanfacture to accept american standard units of measure or fit more closely to the stereotypical american mindset.
1. This tractor only accepts a fuel pump that has to ship from overseas and is twice the price of an american replacement.

"Let's Americanize that shit!!"

2. We need to Americanize these flanges because the valves from europe are crap.
by Screamin Steam May 14, 2014
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