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Cardcaptor Sakura is the amazing anime created by CLAMP. It started as a manga, but was soon turned into an anime show in 1996. The storyline is smart and imaginative, and the characters are funny, cute, and witty.
The music is fabulous and so are the voice actors. There is nothing bad anyone could possibly say about Cardcaptor Sakura!!!!!! IT'S PERFECT!!
Cardcaptor Sakura is truly a sight to see. One must see it's show to experience the prefection!! WATCH THE SHOW, IT'S INCREDIBLE!!!
by Master_Sakura January 19, 2006
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One of the best Manga/Anime's of all time.
The Story is is about a normal 10 year old Girl named Sakura. One day she goes into her Fathers basement and breaks a seal on a Book and many cards scatter (19 in Manga, 52 in Anime) A Guardian named Kero comes out and tells her she is a CardCaptor and has to capture the cards!

If you're even thinking of watching CardCaptor Sakura, get the original not the HORRIBLE american version. They cut out Relation Ships, whole episodes, the BRILLAINT opening themes. They also edited nearly every single line in the whole thing and made Sakura sound like a Bratty 13 year old. There's 3 Seasons to CardCaptor Sakura

1 - Sakura finds the book and captures most of them in this series, she's still learning.

2 - Sakura is becoming much stronger and has to capture the final cards, then she will be judged..

3 - Sakura is now Master of the Clow Cards, but now a new trouble has arose! Her Cards are dieing and she must turn them all into Sakura Cards! But what's with all the strange goings on in Town? Giant Teddy Bear anyone?
Tomoyo: This is the perfect oppurtunity for you to wear my new Outfit!

Sakura: Hoooooooi!!! *Falls on back*
by Guardian of the Seal June 18, 2005
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