A word The president Bush Doesn't know.

One that exercises supreme, permanent authority, especially in a nation or other governmental unit
A king, queen, or other noble person who serves as chief of state; a ruler or monarch.
A national governing council or committee.
by Neal December 15, 2004
a particularly nasty butt fuck. one that turns sour half way thru due to sloppy discharge.
'Immediate logout of Sovereign requested!!!
In order to resolve current issues with errors in Sovereign, we ask that all users log out of Sovereign and remain out until further notice.
We will send further notification once it is safe to log back in.'
by Nike Sharper September 24, 2004
Blinging rings
Used to be worn by scrap merchants, now they are the latest fashion for chavs.
Argos will not let a chav down on a sovereign ring.
If chavs are lucky they will buy/steal a sovereign ring with a pound engraved on it!
a chav greeting is usually accompanied with a slack flick of the fingers. this garantees that no sovereign will go unnoticed
by Sushnugh October 19, 2007
LADY SOV self proclaimed midget, hus tunes r bangin!
yo bredrin u hear dat new sound from lady sov?
by Gma April 3, 2005
To travel within The Sovereign Kingdom is to travel knowing every intimate detail will be attended to—it is to know that you are king/ queen—you are The Sovereign during your stay within The Sovereign Kingdom.

The Sovereign Kingdom: End-to-end travel and concierge service ensures luxury travelers' unique needs are fulfilled for their next trip, thanks to discounted flight options, homes in first-class travel destinations and a helpful concierge team of experts who meticulously raise the bar of service and delivery
Hey! Are you traveling within The Sovereign Kingdom?

OMG, that house is sick! It must be a Sovereign Kingdom
by SassyOlive June 12, 2021
A person who believes in and wholly embraces pseudolaw or “street law”. Such a person can and may challenge government authorities to primarily, make a point, despite the likely unfavorable outcome.
Officer: Can I see your driver’s license and registration, please?
Driver: No, I am not driving this vehicle; I am traveling in it.

Border Agent: Are you a US Citizen?
Driver: I refuse to answer this question.

Border Agent: Do you have any agricultural items aboard your vehicle?
Driver: You have no right to search or seizure per the 4th amendment.

A sovereign citizen is to pseudolaw as a bodybuilder is to broscience.
by JHawk541 January 10, 2019
1. n. The Pope, Bishop of Rome, Patriarch of the West, temporal Sovereign/Monarch of the Papal States (pre-1870) & of Vatican City/Holy See (1929 - present), Vicar of Christ on Earth, Supreme Head of the Catholic Church. At his Coronation, he receives the Triple Tiara/Crown with the words : "Receive the Tiara adorned with three crowns, and know that Thou art the Father of Princes & Kings, Pontiff of the World, and Vicar of our Saviour Jesus Christ."

2. n. all-powerful badass wit loads of cash, bling n connections.
1. n. The Sovereign Pontiff was seated on the Leonine Throne as the Cardinal deacon placed the Triple Crown upon the Pope's head.

2. n. Dude, don't fuck wit Tony... that badass mofo got it all ...dope-ass mansion, tricked out MB, gold roly, bling n hoes comin out his fuckin ass! Mess wit him...he'll fuckin pope you bro...he's like da fuckin Sovereign Pontiff
by matt8869 January 12, 2008