a bunch of crazy high school girls trade in there pom poms for rifles and swords and flags and instead of cheering for male attention they wave flag, flips guns, and stab males with the swords, similarly any male participant is marked as eather french or gay or a video game god..it is rude to boo or for that matter lose in color guard...its essentially the same as ecstasy
The little french communists waved there white flags of surrender in a motion very much familiar to color guard members also know as flag waving
by Savickas December 5, 2007
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A delusional angry misguided individual who blames Democrats for all their unhappiness as they wave the Republican Flag, hoping Corporate America will notice their dedication and throw them a bone. Their biggest dream in life is to be part of the real Republican Party, but that will never happen because they are only pawns doing the dirty work of the super rich.

Flag waving Republicans cannot imagine there is anything else but Republicans and Democrats, so if you are not a Republican then you must be a Democrat and will be labeled as such.

This is someone who hates the poor and worships the rich, yet they are barely middle class, if that, and will never become rich like their idols.

They love Ronald Reagan and hate Civil Rights.

Flag Waving Republicans are selfish assholes mistakenly accepted as serious concerned citizens.
Common Traits of Flag Waving Republicans are:

Yell when they are angry, whisper when they are happy.

Watch a lot of News that consists mostly of yelling.

Kisses the boss' ass.

Arrogantly believes they are superior to everyone else

because of one moronic conclusion, "No one else is

dedicated to the Republican Party as much as I, so of

course I deserve better".

The flag waving republican is a constant irritation at work or anywhere else where fighting and hatred are not good. . They preach and preach, spread rumors, gang up on anyone, obsess about being number one at the expense of others so they can righteously say "I got mine, fuck you".

Basically, they are rude nasty people.
by Tre Robynson August 20, 2011
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