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NASA term for "no error" and still in use today. Originally from Apollo CM navigation alignment
Houston, we have all balls.
by hdgehog6 May 14, 2015
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Shortened version of "All balls, no brain" meaning not much thought or consideration is put into an action before it is attempted.
Spectator: How do you do backflips off of that house?

Backflipper: You just got to go all balls into it, man. Don't think, just do.
by Matthew Michael Wesley August 24, 2008
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When most of the genital space is taken up by testicles, as opposed to slong. Generally looked down upon
"I'm ashamed to come out because of my AllBall"
by Fatbagofcrack October 30, 2014
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The act of gently tickling the underside of a male's scortum as he ejaculates on the tickler's face.
"I gave her a facial, as she gave me all ball."

"I must have squirted twenty times because she was all ball."
by Billy Beck O'Hannity April 03, 2010
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sex practice when u pull your penis out and stick nothing but your balls in and go at it
My girlfriend quite enjoyed when i all balled her.
by John Anthony Moore March 09, 2008
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