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(n.) A sexual realtionship between two or more people in which fellatio is the only form of affection/contact. Usually pejorative, suggests the relationship is lacking.
Term applies mainly to heterosexual relatioships but also acceptable when used in male homosexual context. Not applicable in female/lesbian relationships.
"Susie is so deluded. She thinks Bob likes her but they don't even make out or have sex. She just comes over and blows him. That's not a relationship, that's a fellationship"
by HelenHar January 26, 2007

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(n.) A man who sleeps with a lot of women, i.e. gets a lot of pussy/beaver.
Named after Jerry Mathers, who played the lovable Beaver from 1957-63 on the hit show "Leave it to Beaver".
That Bill has a different chick every night. He's a real mathers!
by HelenHar January 26, 2007

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(n.) An entourage of attractive, scantily clad young blonde women that accompany a high-profile male celebrity to public events. Generally, but not limited to Los Angeles due to weather. Please note, a female cannot have a blondourage.
"Hugh Hefner is amazing. I saw him out at MOOD last night with seven blonde bunnies. He's got quite a blondourage"
by HelenHar January 26, 2007

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The lack of joi de vivre which occurs after a particularly fun event/weekend/gathering, i.e. a hangover from fun.
BILLY: Hey Judy, why the long face?
JUDY: Well, Billy, I went to Palm Springs with my cousins last weekend and we lived it up like it was 1965. We had a four hour dinner, too many martinis to count and we danced to Sinatra tunes 'til 2am. It was great but now old man Whethers over at HQ is riding me about this marketing data and it sucks to be back at work.
BILLY: Sounds like you've got a mean funover to me.
JUDY: Yes, I do have a funover.
by HelenHar October 09, 2007

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Colloqialism from the American South, literally means don't bit the hand that feeds you.
BILLY: God damn, woman! Old man Winter's makin' me work on the weekend ho'ing his damn soil!
SUSIE: Well is he payin' you that there overtime?
BILLY: Yeah. So?
SUSIE: So shut yer trap and put on yer work boots for an extra day's pay! We need to get little Billy new shoes and our roof busted a hole again!
BILLY: Aw, Susie-
SUSIE: I said shut it! Don't kick yer coon dog!
by HelenHar December 07, 2007

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(adverb), like crazy i.e. a lot
BILLY: Hey Susie, wanna go hit that nudie beach up in Malibu and get rid of some of these tan lines?
SUSIE: Are you kidding? Have you looked outside today? It's raining ike crazy out there!
BILLY: Damn. It's raining like all balls.
by HelenHar December 06, 2007

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beyond obnoxious, usually pertaining to a LA local hipster/actor type who doesn't shut up and draws attention to him or herself in public places like the whole world cares to hear them speak.
I was at my friend's performance piece in Silverlake over the weekend and during intermission some starving actress/whore spectator type was turned around in her seat, standing up and yapping to her insipid hipster friends behind her like the whole audience cared what she thinks about her louis vuitton bag!her voice was scraping the side of my brain! she was fugnoxious!
by helenhar April 24, 2007

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