23 definitions by Billy Beck O'Hannity

The act of removing an adhesive bandage from the penis or scrotum placed over a laceration which occurred while trimming or shaving off pubic hair.
"What the hell is up with Jake? Why is he walking so slowly?"
"Poor Jake! His b.f. won't let him pop 'n flop unless he has a shorn nutsack. But he almost cut off his man-berries last night with a razor!"
"Oh dude! Just wait! The worst is yet to come! Tonight he has to deal with a nasty Kelly Ripa!!"
"Holy fuck!! Better him than me!!"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity March 31, 2010
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/v/ excreting an excessively large bowel movement; taking a very large poo.
"I'm never eating ten Burrito Supremes all at once again. No more huffing the ten-pound brow!!"

"I totally filled up the shitter huffing the ten-pound brow."

"I nearly had to give myself the double fish hook while huffing the ten-pound brow!!."
by Billy Beck O'Hannity April 4, 2010
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The act of analyzing or describing an event or series of events in a way that takes much longer than the actual event itself.
"I wish Wendi would get over her break-up with Matt already!"
"How long has it been?"
"Three months, and its all she thinks about! I mean fuck! They only went out for a week."
"Oh no! She's giving it the Ken Burns Treatment. Someone should just run over her with a truck!!"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity April 1, 2010
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1. A spicy, hot little number, a tasty piece, a desirable part of an otherwise loathsome whole;

2. Any additional and pleasing element to an otherwise dreary and dreadful event, activity or item that makes the event, activity or item not only tolerable, but enjoyable and worth looking forward to;

3. The anticipatory cause of a morning erection in males;
1. The custard portion of that banana cream pie was old and rancid, but the fresh bananas in it were Ann Curry!

2. "Oh, going to the fair blows! I hate the lame carnival rides, the white trash crowds and the stench of the fairgrounds."
"But dude, the funnel cake is to die for!"
"Oh, yeah! The funnel cake is the best! It is worth going just for the funnel cake!"
"I know, right? The funnel cake is Ann Curry!"

3. "My favorite part of the day is right before I fall asleep."
"'Cause I know I'll wake up in the morning with a raging boner, thanks to Ann Curry!"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity March 31, 2010
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A small, neatly trimmed patch of female pubic hair on an otherwise cleanly shaved pubic region, located one to two inches above the clitoral hood, and being no more than one inch in width and one and one-half inches in length.
"Dude, you should munch on Donna's vage some time! She has a righteous muff tuft! Its ubersexy!"

"He better plan of going down on me tonight!! I spent 45 minutes this morning on my muff tuft."
"Oh, girl! I am sure its lovely!"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity April 1, 2010
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A small tuft of male facial hair located in the center below the lower lip; universally identifying the wearer as a complete douchebag and sexually impotent unless the wearer is a virtuoso heterosexual jazz musician.
Check out Ryan's new soul patch. He must have totally given up on ever getting laid by a woman again!

"Why don't you grow a soul patch?"
"Duh? Do I look like a douche?"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity April 25, 2010
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Gams; sexy or lovely long, slender female legs.
"The best part of an true bette is her smokin' hot stems."

"Dude, check out the Maria coming this way!! What epic stems!!"

"Sheryl Crow has the world's greatest pair of stems!"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity April 2, 2010
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