A male nudist, especially at a nude beach, clothing optional hot springs, etcetera.
Hey look, that nudie has got a woody!
by jacero10 August 19, 2006
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A guy who likes to do the nude, especially at parties or hangin it with his buds.
Pete and them got drunk and did nudie races down the hall last night.
by Jackson 5 August 29, 2006
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A dude who will nude up for just about any reason and does't need to be drunk to get nekkid. The one who turns a sausage party into a nudie party...a guy like Jason.
Bud 1: Jason's partying naked again.
Bud 2: You'd be a nudie too, if you had a Locker Room Cock (LRC) like his.
Bud 1: So? He's just a show-er.
by Jimmy the Dick September 10, 2006
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in cricket referring to a spin bowler who doesn't spin the ball. named as the ball typically has 'nothing on it.'
hey Macca mate can i get you to bowl some nudies?
by wilko_theboss November 14, 2007
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Referring to a tasteful or creative nude selfie.
"Man, the pic my wife just sent me was so nudieful it should be hanging on the walk in a gallery somewhere."
by FliggleFlop May 11, 2017
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A naked selfie, sent electronically via text message or snapchat.
"Bro, where do you think all those snapchats disappear to?"
"I don't know, dude, but think about all those nudies."
by SMAHnudiesgirl January 12, 2014
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dont let wife catch you with those nudys
by Anonymous November 1, 2003
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