3 definitions by John Salchichón

The name given to an extremely unfaithful, cheating, liar, Grade F women with no moral values. Alyssa is like the rest of women, only worse.
Hey there is Alyssa cheating again!
by John Salchichón June 26, 2021
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A very special dish consisting of boiled fish heads and copious amounts of seaweeds.

Pescado Con Algas is normally enjoyed by the Bere family on weekends.
Puche-What’s Bere having tonight for dinner?

Uncle Paulie- Well Pescado con Algas of course..

Puche- Ufffffff
by John Salchichón August 10, 2019
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The name of a very muscular and handsome greek doorman. He charms ladies with his killer smile, then makes sweet love to them Rocco style. Although his penis is rather small, he makes the best use of it, also very talented with his tongue. Terry smokes cigars on his drive home pondering about his sexual adventures to cum.
Man, that Terry guy, he’s a sexual maniac...
by John Salchichón August 11, 2019
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