Practically an inland sea between Wisconsin and Michigan, and a great place to go to the beach in the summer. It's quite cool, and you won't chap from salt water like you will in the ocean. Practically the whole Michigan shore is a beach, and lots of it is inexpensive public beaches and state parks.

However, Lake Michigan is not a place to go swimming during any season other than summer, because it will be too cold.
My family goes to Lake Michigan nearly every summer for a week, and it's one of my favorite family vacations.
by Uncloseted Nerd December 8, 2010
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The U.S.'s second flaccid penis, the first being Florida. Not to be confused with California, the U.S.'s erect penis.
"Perhaps it was simply divine judgment that Canada will eternally be sucking the U.S.'s Lake Michigan."
by Iggy Fentenwood February 18, 2008
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Bartender: "What can I get you to drink?"

Person: "Um, I may get a drink in a little bit, but I'll have a Lake Michigan Highball for now."

Bartender: "I'm sorry. What's that again?"

Person: "Just tap water, sir."
by Ginakakis November 12, 2012
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Matt did not feel like drinking booze at the bar today, so he ordered a Lake Michigan Highball instead.
by Harling Mays November 15, 2012
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Spring Lake is...
1. In Spring Lake, Michigan.
2. Next to Lake Michigan.
3. Home of the Lakers.
4. Better than Fruitport.
5. The place that has great beaches.
6. The place that has great ski hills.
7. A place where flooding occurs.
8. A place that has beautiful seasons.
9. A place that has winters that last too long.
--Once a Laker, Always a Laker--

Boy 1- Spring Lake, Michigan has amazing people!
Boy 2- I know right?!
by Laker22 May 13, 2010
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A good city with a great High school. Although Lake Orion's Downtown sucks, The high school is fun with great people.
Lake Orion, Michigan is awesome!
by MDddddddddddddddd March 27, 2012
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A poor private public school across the street from a courthouse. This place has at least 8 teachers leave every year and is infested by human centipedes.
Lake Michigan Catholic is trash.
by Mr. Salerno December 3, 2019
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