Alcoholic Soda Pops. Modern day drinks with fruity flavor. like lemonade or strawberry flavored alcoholic drinks.
To attract a younger generation of drinkers, many liquor companies have created alcopops.
by ebeazy November 17, 2006
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See poof juice. Alcoholic beverages (c. 5% alc) such as Barcadi Breezers.
-"Hahaha. Pissed on the poof juice again!?"
-"Erm, no. These are alcopops and they are strong shit."
-"Haha. Whatever!"
by brendan September 7, 2004
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An extremely sugary drink containing artificial fruit flavouring and alcohol specially designed by the manufacturers to cause tooth decay, obesity and type 2 diabetes.
Look at that fatty with brown teeth...far too many alcopops.
by Barseflips December 6, 2006
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Hey man, where'd you get the black eye? Did your alcopops hit you again?
by zapple December 5, 2006
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is a fruity drink with a little bit of alcohol in it! generally for girls! also known as a cooler in america!
your a fag for drinkin them alcopops
by maphro December 7, 2006
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When you put your beer in freezer to get cold faster, and it's in too long so it's frozen. Making it separate so it taste on good.
Oh shit, I put my six pack of beer in the freezer to get cold, but I forgot it so it's a alcopops now!
by Mykie December 5, 2006
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