Breezer is an alcoholic drink, much adored by people often still under the drinking age. It is a mix of Bacardi Rum with lemon or another fruit juice.
In some chat channels, where the majority of visitors belongs to the breezer-addicts, it is 'cool' to talk BrEeZaH. It is a bit comparable to 1337-sp33k and can be identified by the use of capitals and other characters in places where they don't belong, and replacing characters with same sounding ones.

Beeing a BrEeZaH-person is often considered being lame, by people who have more than 1 brain cell.

I don't know in what way this BrEeZaH-thing is knwon world wide, but in the Netherlands it gets pretty annoying.
1. She's a BrEeZaH-tSjIk.
2. {{{{{HuGs}}}}}
3. PliEs LuF Mi (Please love me)
by amolapa November 24, 2003
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A typical white kid that lives in Gulf Breeze that is pretty well off and their parents buy them everything and have a nice car and always wear Polo Ralph Lauren and think they are black
White Breezer: Yo nigga come look at my new escalade my dad bought me
Other White Breezer: Damn nigga u should come back to the crib and see my new 300c dogg
by TheWhiteBreezer August 20, 2011
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A fart.
Old Man Wietzel has been blowing breezers all f'in day; he should definitely stop eating those gas station Taco Puffs!
by Ian Akori March 19, 2009
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A BrEeZEr Is a perS0n WhiCH hAv3 A Lotss Of tYpInG PRoBlemS.
Just like I typed Up above, Breezers are addicted to Msn Messenger, They hate school as much as possible (Although, They act like they do), Breezers are very dumb ass slutty people (999/1000 Chicks) Breezers allways put all of the people they love and, "Best friends" in their names with a big of emoticon spam behind it. they allways say "Never wanna loose you" Shorted up as: NWLY!!(L)(F)(K) (Speaking in Msn Messenger way). Their allmost allways under 16 years, and aren't suppose to drink alcohol but they do beacause it's "cool" and their friends think they are stupid if they dont drink and act slutty
MSN Messenger:

Breezer: HiI LoVe, Ev3RyyThInGgg oKAy WItH YOu?(K)(L)(F)
Cool person: Omfg rofl breezah!
by Jochem June 14, 2006
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Someone who talks in a way in which each letter is alternated between capital and lower-case. in most cases the subject has a miniscule 2-inch penis.
I'm A bReEzAh, i WiLl oWn Da NoObS!!!!!11111111
by little_chris March 04, 2005
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