Someone who, when the world needs them most, disappears. A synonym is the Avatar.
Mary's boyfriend pulled a Steph Curry on her when he learned about her pregnancy.
by juan the llama June 22, 2016
Do great in the regular season but when your performance counts the most you choke and let your team down.
I crack under pressure so in the playoffs I pulled a Steph Curry.
by Samald4 July 6, 2016
A male who is only capable and best at scoring women who are a three on a scale of one to ten
Moses fucked an ugly ass chick tonight. Steph Curry for threeee!!!!
by PapaNoel the great September 6, 2016
A beta “male” soft as charmin- ultra. Known for shooting 3’s and swallowing D’s. Wide open dunks are not the only thing the Warrior’s guard likes to blow. Curry has consistently maintained that the habit of chewing his mouth guard is an ancient technique he picked up while in Tibet in an effort to combat homoerotic, oral fantasies. When Curry isn’t blowing male appendages or 3-1 leads he’s being blown down in dramatic fashion by the occasional drafts of wind in oracle arena, oftentimes resulting in 3 free throw attempts.
Announcer: Steph Curry drives left, attempts to draw contact with the defender and Ohhh he hits the deck! The refs are signaling a shooting foul but it looked like Curry attempted to draw a foul and bounced off the defender after initiating contact. Upon further review the contact appeared to be minimal at best. Curry’s adolescent frame and prepubescent body is simply Ill-equipped for the NBA. He is a boy amongst men.”
by David Blankenship December 1, 2020
Three point shooting, mouthpiece chewing bitch, with a weak ass half ginger beard.
Oh look! Steph Curry made a three and he’s smiling while he chews his mouthpiece with his gay ass ginger beard.
by 1FatCavsFan June 9, 2018