Kailey is one of a kind. She marches to the beat of her own drum (not a follower) She's the athletic type. Kailey is also the brilliant person but what comes out of her mouth can sometimes be stupid. She gets lost a lot. Kailey can defend others but not her self. She has a nice ass. She's truthful if she doesn't like you she will confront you. She's also loves cuddles epsically with the ones she cares and loves a lot. Kailey falls for people she knows she will never have chance with. Kailey fakes her smile sometimes but only true people who care about her will notice it. Kailey will go out of her way to make everyone happy. She has strong realationships with all of her friends because of how long they have known one another. Kailey is also the type of person that if she crys in front of you all you have to do is hug her and she will fine. But if she's someone she loves/ cares about she will do what ever it takes to see a smile on there face. Kailey is the type of person that If you tell her a secret she will hold on to it and never spill the beans. She's the type to have long talks over the phone or take nice walks on the beach and cry and laugh and just be her self. She's there for everyone. She also has nice eyes that change with her mood
People want to be just like Kailey
by Starrrrrrrrrrr23 May 09, 2015
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Kailey is a kick-ass girl who knows what she wants and doesn't take shit from anybody. she marches to the beat of her own drum. She may seem cold or rude on the outside but trust me shes a sweetheart when you get to know her. Shes pretty but doesn't know it. She doesn't care who you are if she doesn't like you she will confront you. She may look too short or too small to hurt you but trust me this girl has more fight in her than it seems. Kaileys tend to be very closed off so if you are close to a Kailey your one in a million. Shes had a hard life but shes gotten through it all with her head held high. If your searching this cause you like a Kailey just tell her. But be careful if you get her because she may seem fine but on the outside but on the inside shes broken. She can put on a front but people close to her know whats up. She is the most beautiful girl inside and out, shes smart sexy and takes what she wants. She is pretty badass.
Boy: " Did you see the fight this morning?"
Boy 2: " Lemme guess, Kailey again?"
Boy1:" Yeah someone made her friend cry."

Girl 1:" Omg did you see Kailey today she looks so good"
Girl 2:" I know! I have to ask her where she got that top."
by PaMeLo April 14, 2019
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Kailey is the kind of person who looks perfectly fine on the outside, but on the inside... it's a mess. If you're looking this name up because you like a Kailey, get to know her. She has a different view on the world. Also, be careful... she's really sensitive. Kailey's also tend to put themselves down even though they are perfect. Kailey is a rare creature that can't be tamed but needs someone to look out for her because you might not see it, but she needs help sometimes
Omg, did you see Kailey today, she looked beautiful as always.
by Colton❤ April 04, 2016
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Kailey is a girl who loves reading, gaming, and fashion. If you are one of her friends, stay with her, you never know when something cool might happen with her. If she has a crush she sticks with them and try's to be around them all the time, she'll take any chance she gets to talk to him. Kailey is weird but in a funny way. She loves making videos for her YouTube channel and also love making art for her friends. Though she is very forgetful and sometimes doesn't like to listen to people. She is a free spirit and can be a lone wolf at times but wil always be there for you when u don't know it. If you tell her what to do she'll probably do it never or she'll say later after this.
Teacher: class sit up straight.
Class: *sits up straight*

Kailey: *stays slouching*
by The GamerGirl_YT June 14, 2018
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Kailey is a girl who has a rock hard exterior, but is often sensitive, so watch out. She is beautiful but doesn't know it, be careful when handing her compliments as she will probably deny/ reject them. She is not a whore, but can have a good time. She may seem shy and awkward at first, but once you get to know her she's outgoing and awkward! Kailey will sometimes insult you if she doesn't like you but don't worry if you're friends she's most likely joking. Kailey doesn't like copying everyone else. She danced to the best if her own drum, and wears lots of different clothes. She hates being told what to do and hates authority figures, especially if they think they're better than her. This is a bit ironic because she believes she is basically queen if everyone, all others are peasants. She is sometimes mistaken for a satanist, but don't worry she's just weird. People either love her or hate her. She swears a lot, but is still good with children (as long as they're not annoying little pricks). Kailey believes in magic, and loves cats. She also loves boys! She's best paired with someone named Patrick. She Especially loves scene boys. Basically, Kailey is fabulous.
"Who's that girl drawing mustaches on the school council election posters, wearing purple skinny jeans??"

"Oh that's kailey. Yo, here comes here hot boyfriend, Patrick!"
by Definition-overlord December 10, 2013
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The most smartest person you will ever meet and the prettiest girl ever. Once you see her you will instantly fall in love with her. She looks like inocent little girl but when you get to know her your idea of her before would change jurassicly if you just talked to her. She thinks that she will be heart broken again but won’t until she finds that lucky guy that truly loves her. She has many good friends that care about her too. She wants to always make her parents proud and her parents will always be proud of her because she doesn’t give up. She also has a brother that she really cares about.
Boy : hey kailey your amazing
Kailey : that’s all you
by Urgreatestfriend October 21, 2018
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Kaileys have many different moods. She can have mood swings at times and have her signature eye roll, but get on her good side and she will be nice. Don’t take it personal If she annoys you, she will will bounce back. She is hilarious and giggly. She is hot, with long hair and curves. All the guys love her.
Kailey is my best friend.
by Molly11777 June 14, 2018
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