A RPG game which is quite fun, but very unbalanced between each characters in terms of power. The ppl that "pwns" seems to be trojans who can 1 hit ko anyone in the game. It's also messed up with massive "DB" buyers which gave the buyers the ability to get "full super"
I played Conquer Online.
by Boo March 31, 2005
Conquer Online:
1. A very addictive game played mostly by morons.
2. No-lifes buy pixel items and get their e-penis growing by doing that.
3. Eggys make the servers over-crowded with their population.
4. Little lazy fat kids annoy and spam you all the time
People from Egypt commonly known as Eggys, show rare rudeness combined with an extraordinary amount of idiocy and that combination causes lethal amount of annoyance.
"Should I ever try/play this Conquer Online game you're talking about?" "NO, NO and once again NO!!"
by PC-Man April 27, 2009
A free MMORPG that is your typical Diablo style korean RPG. Features *TONS* of grind, morons, bugs, exploits, botters and such. The game is funded by people buying dragonballs which do stuff in game. But when you buy dragonballs, you also buy favors of the GMs, which include but is not limited to: Immunity to banning, ability to get items back after they were fairly taken off you, being able to scam, being able to bot, being able to get people you don't like banned. The game is failing rapidly as the GMs are so blatantly lazy and do NOT listen to player suggestions. Players who have quit sometimes hang around the forums are try to free players from the hell that is Conquer Online.
Would you like to uninstall Conquer Online? HELL YA!
by The Aise of Spaids August 9, 2006
An addcitive online game where you can choose one of four classes and venture around a virtual world.
Classes are: Archer, Warrior, Trojan and Tao (When you reach lvl 40, you can choose to become either a water or fire tao)
You get to interact with other players around the world and what not.
I just Conquer Online and I'm enjoying it.
by Justdie March 11, 2006
a very addicting game in which people will kill you for no reason(stupid assholes)
My friend andrew is a total conquer online nerd(dumbass)
by shadowless demon October 9, 2009