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The god of Darkness and distorted acient evil from the fertile cresent. A destroyer of time and space and the infinate darkness. Mysterious and unknown.
Azreal the god of darkness will soon rise again.
by AzrealNyx March 04, 2009
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Azreal has been looking for love since eternity! He could not understand the difference between love, lust and loyalty. This is to help the my best friend and guardian angel who has helped me! Love is eternal and spiritual but for humans it can mean various things! Love can mean lust if one ends up meeting the highest level of sexual satisfaction in a relationship. It does mean loyalty to a lot of people because they understand that being faithful is being in love. It means safety to a few. It means care and responsibility to others. And sometimes, you know that it's love at first sight for no apparent reason! It can have various meanings to different people! -Perhaps, I will say yes and maybe I will send red roses, I don't know yet.
by Anna Stan July 14, 2019
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The biggest Bitch you would ever meet a slut and a liar a monster in human form something that only appears in video games or nightmares
by The true seker August 19, 2019
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