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A review game that American public school kids take way too goddamn seriously, despite that the review part is useless and everybody usually fails the test anyway.
We're doing Kahoot in class today, man. I gotta come up with some cool af nickname, and then I'll kick your ass.
by ihaterice December 02, 2015
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The best way on getting an education. Get an answer correct, you're good to go. Get it wrong, you'll won't make it to the top 5 mate. getting to the top 5 is equivalent to winning a grammy. When the teacher puts up kahoot, shits about to go down. same goes for the music. same for the dank af nicknames. why am i typing this. it ain't funny at all but you get the point.
Mr. Smith - "Everyone, it's Kahoot Day today!"
Students - "YEAH BOIIII"
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by kahoot_mate April 05, 2017
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A game that american public school kids take way too seriously, heck they take it more seriously than japanese people do with mario kart (Not trying to be racist, I'm just saying they take games quite seriously, why I always lose to them). But still kids these days will become school shooters when they get a question wrong in kahoot. At least most of the time the teacher will go over the question so you know why you got it wrong, which is actually how most kids learn, from their mistakes rather than doing 30 pages worth of math worksheets. But despite that, they still will get all angry and possibly end up having to pay for a new horrible chromebook that can't even work without internet.
Kahoot is taken very seriously at not only my school but schools across the United States.
by Mudkipz are da best October 10, 2018
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An online classroom review game that students join using smartphones to answer questions. Because game rooms can be made quickly, Internet users will often publish the room pin online so strangers can join the Kahoot. Kahoot uses a point system that rewards correct responses and response speed.
Yo, we're playing Kahoot in English class today!
Sweet, I'm just gonna watch porn then
by Silevern May 11, 2016
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