just as a man who is vibing can be couch-locked or stuck, one can also traveling through his mind at accelerated speeds. This is often to his discomfort, as usually once it reaches this plateau it becomes difficult to maintain control. The same man may also be, simultaneously, "wildin."
bro 1: "oh god, oh no. ahhhhh"
bro 2: "bro you need to slow down, you're going wayyy too fast."
bro 1: "I can'ttt. im blading, fam. im straight up zooming."
by blading forefather August 12, 2022
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"Blading", is the process by which a professional wrestler opens up a wound on his forehead, to up the drama of the match. It is usually performed using slight of hand, and a razorblade secretly tucked away in either his apparel, or the tape on his wrist.
"Dusty Rhodes, is the godfather of blading!"
by D. Gould March 16, 2006
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A shorted word for inline rollerblading, inline skating, rollerblading, or aggressive skating.
Hey dude, I got some time after school, let's go blading, ok?
by Guido1 March 6, 2008
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A place where prostitutes stand or walk waiting to get picked up

The location where thots are made A tricks primary pick up and drop location
There is never a dry day on the blade then yoy looking for thots
by Chris247k February 7, 2017
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by bobdylanscousin November 29, 2020
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Bladee is the CEO of rap group DrainGang (ShieldGang, GravityBoys). He is a rapper from Sweden. His music will take you to the 6th dimension.
"I've been listening to a lot of Bladee lately."
"Wow. So you're a drainer now?"
by CHEHN March 16, 2019
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bladee !

bladee is beautiful i love bladee
Man: "Bladee"
Girl: "Please have rough sex with me"
by dawgdonald May 23, 2021
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